Believe in the power of a natural birth

And the importance of a respectful and trusting partnership


Pregnancy and birth is a normal state for healthy women and is an integral part of family life. I consider midwifery to be trust based and built on a strong belief in partnerships with child bearing women, as well as respecting birth as a natural process and a normal life event.

I believe that women should be placed at the centre of their own experience, supported to empower themselves with knowledge and skills, given time and encouragement from their midwife, as well as being surrounded by those they love and people who believe and trust in their ability to give birth.

The most important role of the midwife is to have patience and trust in the innate ability of women and babies and to be comfortable and confident to support the process. When birth is normal everyone benefits, the mother, the baby, her family, the caregivers and society as a whole.

I have been fortunate to share many wonderful birth experiences with women and their families and thoroughly believe I have the best job in the world.

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